Our Design Ethos

Spaces that inspire

Our focus is designing built environments that enrich and transform people’s lives. We want to create spaces that resonate with the way we live, work and play. We seek to create enduring and memorable environments that inspire and engage people. It is about place-making, form, aesthetics and being sensitive and responsive to the climate, location, culture and peoples’ needs. Ultimately, we want to bring greater value to physical spaces, developing sustainable environments that surprise and amaze, giving a sense of meaning and connection.

Sustainable designs

A major focus of the firm is on developing environmentally sustainable designs and solutions. An active environmental sustainable unit comprising certified Green Mark Managers and supported by a team of Building Information Modelling (BIM) professionals and experts, has been providing strong technical expertise and advice across teams for many projects.

We dedicate ourselves to finding the best ideas and solutions for our clients and communities by tapping on our diverse multidisciplinary teams, using a highly integrated process and actively pursuing collaboration and innovation with clients, stakeholders and consultant teams. Our strength lies in our total commitment to excellence in planning, design and in the delivery of quality projects. We have in place quality management systems, with ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority.